Google’s Trusted Contacts app rolled out for iOS

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Tech company Google has rolled out its Trusted Contacts app for iOS users world over. With the new update, iOS users can now share their location and whereabouts with their friends and family at any time. The company launched this amazing app last year for Android users.

The main aim of this app is to let loved ones know each other that they are fine in time of dire crises such as a bomb blast or a minor natural disaster. The app can work even if the battery of the phone is dead. One can add contacts in the app to start sharing whereabouts with friends and family.

The company has also embedded an automatic response system in the app which helps one to share location to trusted contacts in case you didn’t respond within a time limit. One can expand time limit of automatic reply from 5 minutes up to an hour. Moreover, the company has also updated its existing Trusted Contacts app, adding nine new languages including Urdu.

The app is free and available at App Store.

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Furthermore, the company has also announced new safety features named as “SOS alerts”. The company in a blog post said that it is developing this new feature to “make emergency information more accessible during a natural or human-caused crisis.”

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