Google Pixel XL 2 leaked image suggest smaller bezels

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From the start of this year the news of Google’s new smartphone named as Pixel XL 2 has been creating curiosity among smartphone lovers and since then people are eagerly waiting for the company to release the new phone.

Up till now, the company has not revealed the exact unveiling date of the phone, however, it has been confirmed that the new phone will ship this fall. Moving forward, a new leaked image has confirmed that the new Pixel XL 2, also refers to as Pixel XL, will sport smaller bezels.

Android Police, a tech website, leaked the image of the phone, stating that the new phone has low-bezel AMOLED display and squeezable frame. First look at the phone shows that the phone is large as it was rumored before. Moreover, there is also a wide speaker at the top and also a camera right next to the speaker.The phone is slimmer and features curved glass edges.

The name of the phone is not finalized yet as it is also being called “Taimen.”

Techiuice reported last month that this time HTC would not going to manufacture all three upcoming Pixel phones as it had done previously. This time LG will manufacture one of Google’s smartphone, more precisely the new Pixel XL 2.

It is to be noted here that this is not the first time Google and LG have join hands to build a phone, previously several Nexus phones such as Nexus 4,5 and 5X were made in collaboration with LG.

The company has not yet revealed the price of the new phone.

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Google has also announced that the company is making new OS for touchscreen Chromebooks, to let users use Chromebooks with much ease.

Featured Image Source: AndroidPolice

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