Get your hands on this knob for almost half price during Amazon Prime Day 2017

If you are a gamer that uses either the G29 or G920 Racing Wheels, you can get your racing gloved mitts on its complementary gear stick, the Logitech Force Shifter for a massively reduced price during Amazon Prime Day 2017.

With a slick leather and steel finish, this is the way to replicate the experience of driving a high-performance car with your hands and not just your eyes. It’s a 6 speed ‘H-pattern’ shifter, with Push-Down reverse. 

The gear stick works with the G29 which is for your PS3 and PS4, or the G920 which is for Xbox and PC. According to reviews on the Amazon page, there are adaptors that you can buy to convert it to USB but we wouldn’t recommend buying the shifter unless you have one of the specified wheels as it may not work.

It has a clamp that can attach to a desk, but let’s be honest, if you really want to show your full commitment to the cause, you need to get the seat, the pedals, the whole set-up. 

For the rest of the day the Logitech Force Shifter is 48% off its RRP, meaning you can grab it for £25.99 if you're an Amazon Prime customer.  

  • It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale. Stick with TechRadar for how to grab all the best deals.

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