Get a PS4 Pro with Horizon Zero Dawn, CoD and Wipeout for just £350

Been sitting on the fence for a while as to whether or not you should pick up a 4K-ready PS4 Pro? Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, the next few hours might well be the perfect time.

As part of its annual mega sale, the online retail giant is running a Deal of the Day offer for the Pro version of Sony's console, plus the best-selling, robot-dinosaur stomping Horizon Zero Dawn, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and WipEout to go with it, all for just £349.99. You don't have to already be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage either, as you can get a free trial today to nab of this and loads of other deals.

It's a great offer, considering the Horizon's RRP alone is usually £35.40 on Amazon. And it's a great game too, offering a breathtaking, futuristic open world in which giant robo-lizards walk the Earth. Jurassic Park meets Transformers – who could resist? 

That's before you even take into account the other two PS4 games you'll be getting with it. Infinite Warfare is a solid future-gazing shooter, while WipEout is a breakneck speed racer that flows beautifully on Sony's pixel-pushing powerhouse console.

You'll need to act fast though – the deal ends at midnight tonight, and it's only available while stocks last so it could very well sell out before then. 

  • It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale, with exclusive deals for Amazon Prime members – and if you’re not already signed up you can get a free trial today. Stick with TechRadar to find out how and when to grab all the best deals.

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