FUCHSIA: What We Know So Far About Google’s New OS

FUCHSIA: What We Know So Far About Google’s New OS. In August 2016 a mysterious code was posted on GitHub. It didn’t take long until it was clear that it was the code for a new operating system that Google’s developers were working on.

Here’s what we know so far about the OS:

Fuchsia is reported to be a real-time operating system. Unlike Google’s previous two operating systems – Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is not based on a Linux kernel! Instead it’s based on a new microkernel called “Magenta”.

According to the documentation, Magenta targets modern phones and modern personal computers, quote, with fast processors, non-trivial amounts of ram with arbitrary peripherals doing open ended computation. So yeah, at this point anything is possible!

While Fuchsia is based on Magenta, Magenta itself is based on another kernel called LK, short for Little Kernel, which is designed for small systems typically used in embedded applications.

Recently Fuchsia was updated with a user interface called Armadillo!
The UI is written using Flutter, which is a software development kit used for creating apps for different platforms like Android and iOS.

Fuchsia, upon completion, would be Google’s third publicly available operating system, coming after Android and Chrome OS.

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Here’s how to access the Fuchsia “OS” APK

To download the APK – the most recent build compiled by Bradshaw, that is – head over to HotFixIt or direct your attention to the following APK Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_l-lZTiTlI7Vk0tRElJeDJkaWRjR1VnRkxiOXZFU1dYT0Vr/view (updated May 9th, 2017). This APK SHOULD be safe to use on most modern Android devices, but SlashGear takes no responsibility for any mishaps. The user downloading the file takes full responsibility for their actions from that point forward.

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