FrontRow Review: A Camera You Can Wear [But Should You?]

For years, I’ve had the nagging desire to review a wearable camera. But none of the boxy designs on the market has really spoken to me, and as cool as Snapchat’s Spectacles are, they have a lot of limitations. What’s more, “lifelogging,” or the practice of digitally documenting your daily life, hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm since it hit the mainstream a few years back.

So I was surprised to find out, earlier this summer, that a company best known for making WiFi routers has waded into the wearable waters to “redefine the camera.” The device in question is FrontRow, a pendant that comes across as a blend of pocketwatch and Android Wear wristwatch, but is actually a very sleek – and very pricey – wearable camera. I’ve been wearing FrontRow between Boston and Berlin for a little under two weeks; this is the MrMobile review!



Snapchat Spectacles:

FrontRow Wearable Camera:

Bose QC35:


Moto 360 v2:

Galaxy Note 8:

TYLT Energi Pro Charging Backpack:


MrMobile’s FrontRow Camera Review was produced after twelve days with a FrontRow Camera review device on loan from Ubiquiti Labs. The device received no updates during the test period, and was exclusively used with a Galaxy Note 8.


“Robot Town” by Phil Gardiner, available at Premium Beat:

“Urban Odyssey” by Jake Silver, available at Premium Beat:



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