Elon Musk says he has verbal approval for an East Coast Hyperloop tunnel

As organizations like Hyperloop One propose potential routes for their high-tech transportation pipelines, Elon Musk's own The Boring Company (yes, it's called that) may have the go-ahead an experimental track of its own.

The TBC founder and techno-entrepreneur tweeted today that he received "verbal [government] approval" for an underground route connecting New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Musk's goal with TBC is to cut travel time, traffic and pollution by combining a complex network of underground paths with high-speed "electric skates" capable of carrying cars and more up to 125mph (about 200km/h) or even over 600mph (about 970km/h) if vacuum-sealed into a Hyperloop pod.

Using special city centers with "up to a dozen or more" access points per city, Musk claims passengers using his company's proposed tunnel to get between New York and DC in less than half an hour. (To contrast, it currently takes about 4.5 hours to drive from DC to NYC.) 

Now, it can't be understated that Musk is speaking about uncited verbal permission he got from unnamed government personnel, so how far along TBC actually is to making its plan a reality is still uncertain.

Additionally, Musk mentioned last month that he had "promising conversations" with the mayor of Los Angeles for a similar tunnel structure in the city, making it possible for TBC to stretch itself thin working on two different coasts.

That said, Musk does add that while there's still a" lot of work needed" before he gets his actually-on-the-record approval to construct his subterranean highway, he has high hopes for his very low project.

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