EE is giving away reward cards worth up to £125 with all broadband deals for two weeks only

Although EE is more famous for its mobile phone tariffs, the brand is becoming a growing force as an internet provider. That’s thanks to the fact that it tends to offer such competitive pricing on its broadband deals.

And now it’s throwing in a little something extra. If you sign up for EE broadband by Wednesday December 21, you’ll also receive a big fat reward card – call it an early Christmas present! Sign up for EE’s standard internet package for £21.50 per month and you’ll receive a £50 pre-paid Mastercard that you can spend online and in shops.

Need to crank things up to unlimited super fast fibre-optic? Then the monthly fee goes up to £29 per month for 38Mb but the reward card also heads north to £75. And if you pull out all the stops and go for the provider’s most premium plan – EE Unlimited Fibre Max broadband – you get lightning quick 76Mb internet, unlimited UK anytime calls and a £125 reward card for £45 per month.

There’s more information about all four featured EE broadband deals below and scroll down further for more information about those all-important reward cards. And if you happen to have your phone on EE as well, then don’t forget that you get 5GB of extra data allowance every month if you get EE broadband too.

Broadband deal of the week: EE internet + reward cards

EE Unlimited Broadband | 18 months | Up to 17Mb | Line rental inc. | £10 set up | £21.50 per month + £50 Mastercard
Sign up for this EE broadband deal and know that you’ll have a really low price for a year and a half. The £50 reward card is an attractive incentive, and if your phone is on EE as well then those extra 5GB of data per month turn this into a stellar internet offer.

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EE Unlimited Fibre | 18 months | Up to 38Mb | Line rental inc. | £35 set up | £29 per month + £75 Mastercard
Find an extra £7.50 a month and you can take advantage of over double the speed of the standard ADSL connection. There’s an extra £25 to pay upfront, but that’s offset by the increased reward card value.

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EE Unlimited Fibre Plus | 18 months | Up to 76Mb | Line rental inc. | £35 set up | £33 per month + £100 Mastercard
We reckon that this is probably better value than the deal above, thanks to the £100 Mastercard and far superior broadband speeds. The extra few quid a month is probably worth it if you live in a household with lots of people using the internet.

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EE Unlimited Fibre Max | 18 months | Up to 76Mb | Anytime UK and international calls | £35 set up | £45 per month + £125 Mastercard
Fibre Max is the daddy of EE’s broadband range, which is why it carries the most handsome reward card. As well as those super fast speeds, calls to UK and international numbers are included  as well as seven extra calling features.

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How to claim your pre-paid Mastercard

Well this is a treat. The pre-paid Mastercards are the sweeteners that turns these very good EE offers into brilliant ones.

It can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted, except for the odd purchase such as gambling, currency, paying of credit cards and, alas, illegal goods and services! Once you’ve made your first bill payment, EE will send you an email with instructions on how to claim your reward card. And make sure that you splash your cash within 12 months, otherwise it will expire.

Existing EE broadband customers

If you’re a current EE customer, unfortunately this offer doesn’t apply to you. Similarly, you’re not permitted to claim this price of the Mastercard if you’ve had EE before. This offer is only for customers that are new to the provider – sorry!

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