Echobox Explorer Review: Intoxicating Sound, But A Heckuva Hangover

It might look like the offspring of a smartphone and a hip flask, but the Echobox Explorer is actually a Digital Audio Player (basically, an iPod for audiophiles). If you’ve got the ears for HiFi audio, it gives you much better sound than most smartphones can, thanks to a powerful digital-to-analog converter and a sizable headphone amp – and it’s more affordable than many HiFi DAPs on the market. Unfortunately, you have to put up with so much hassle in exchange for that sound that only true music mavens might find it worth it. Join me for the Echobox Explorer review!


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MrMobile’s Echobox Explorer Review was produced following one week with an Echobox Explorer review device provided by Echobox. The device was running build number MWC89K / 1.0.3 and was tested on two WiFi networks with two sets of wired headphones: Bose QC35 and Meze 99 Classics.


Echobox Explorer:

Bose QC35:

Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones:


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“True Persistence” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:

“Urban Odyssey” by Jake Silver, available at Premium Beat:



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