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E-sports may be a hot topic right now, but did you know that there have been major e-sports events in India for years now? We speak to Aditya Shah, veteran pro-gamer and Product Head of ESL India Premiership, who has a lot to stay about the guts, glory and the not-so-glorious dealings in the Indian e-sports scene. This is an episode no Indian gamer can miss.


0:48 – Who brought e-sports to India?
2:14 – Reliance in e-sports
3:20 – Is e-sports heading to mobiles?
4:46 – The rise of MOBAs
5:32 – 1 Crore prize money e-sports tournaments
9:37 – Engagement numbers for e-sports in India
11:15 – Transparency problem in Indian e-sports
14:05 – Do e-sports players really get paid?
15:48 – Can PUBG and FIFA become e-sport games?
19:00 – Does e-sports in India have a fake news problem?
21:15 – How to make a career in e-sports
23:57 – What can we expect from ESL in the coming year?
26:10 – Balancing skill with entertainment

Discussed Links:
→ Asura Game Review – https://goo.gl/aufCV4
→ State of e-sports in India – https://goo.gl/c1JK1R
→ Nazara’s Purchase of Nodwin – https://goo.gl/bVfp6B
→ Mobile Game Studio Goes All-in on E-Sports – https://goo.gl/mcVheJ
→ ESL Wants to Make E-Sports Mainstream – https://goo.gl/JbmB3x
→ India’s Leading Hearthstone Pro Player – https://goo.gl/QT9GjC

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Host – Rishi Alwani @rishialwani
Guest – Aditya Shah @officialad1

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