Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google

JD X taps Nvidia for drone deliveries, rescue and agricultural use

4 minutes ago by Darrell Etherington

Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google

5 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze

Nvidia picks up Alibaba and Huawei as partners for smart city platform

5 minutes ago by Darrell Etherington

Package delivery startup Doorman is shutting down

1 hour ago by Sarah Buhr

Zuck and Bezos back seed stage scout fund Village Global

2 hours ago by Josh Constine

Groupon’s billionaire cofounder Eric Lefkofsky just raised $70 million for his new company

3 hours ago by Connie Loizos

Exposure of your sensitive data isn’t a bug, it’s a feature

4 hours ago by Joel Wallenstrom

Microsoft places its bets on quantum computing

4 hours ago by Frederic Lardinois

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ presents a murkier vision of the classic franchise

5 hours ago by Anthony Ha

Lyft adds 24/7 live driver phone support

6 hours ago by Darrell Etherington

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