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Cleanse Your Social Media for the Holidays With This Guide

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Do you feel that social media is taking over your life and keeping you from doing what you want? Do you want to learn how to spend less time on social media for the holidays? Below, we’ll teach you how to do a social media cleanse and why.

Social media is integral in the present because we use it to gather news, information, and entertainment. Most adults get their news from social media. Despite the convenience of social media, it can also be quite addicting.

For the incoming 2020 holidays, keep your attention on the present and with your family. Being present can help reduce stress and more. Keep reading to learn how to do a social media detox.

Why Do a Social Media Cleanse?

Social media is a big consumer of your time. You likely already have a lot of things that you need to do, such as schoolwork or your job. Yet, social media presents an easy distraction for things you don’t want but need to do.

Today, the average internet user spends 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media. If you can cut off from social media, think of how much work you can get done in that time.

Too much social media use also strains the eyes, causing headaches and other eye issues. If you can keep your eyes off of your phone or computer screen, you get to relax them. You also avoid bad posture habits. 

How to Do a Social Media Cleanse

Have you conditioned yourself to look at your phone every time you hear it chime? Go to the app settings and turn off notifications for all social media apps.

Next, remove the social media apps from your home screen. The more time and effort it’ll take you to open Facebook or Instagram, the less you’d want to do it. It’s also a good use of the “out of sight, out of mind” strategy.

If you’re going to sleep, keep your phone out of reach from your bed. Better yet, keep it out of the room. This will push your body to fall asleep faster after a day of Christmas cooking or decorating.

The next social media cleanse tip is to reduce the time you spend on it per day or week. This will give you more time to catch up to your family members, especially the elderly ones. Take it a step further and delete your social media apps while you’re on holiday.

The most drastic step you can take is to deactivate your social media profiles. Some social media platforms will let delete then reactivate them later. For example, this article teaches you how to delete your Reddit account.

Be Present, Enjoy the Moment

We understand that it can be difficult to reduce your social media use. But if you want to enjoy the holidays in the best possible way, doing a social media detox is a good initiative.

That is our guide on why and how to do a social media cleanse.

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