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14 of the most vivid differences and created illustrations showing nostalgia and love of childhood. In the end, you’ll find a surprise — a memory that unites both generations.
“We didn’t have this when we were kids!” You hear such sighs from those who belong to the generation that grew up in the ’90s more and more often. And it’s true! If you look at how modern children live, you can find many differences. We used to have different toys, different attitude to life, different concerns and problems and so many other differences in little things that mean a lot.

Games 0:14
Punishment 0:29
Teenage girls 0:45
A school day 1:00
Sex education 1:23
The childhood nightmare 1:47
Telephone 2:02
Favorite goodies 2:21
What do you want to be when you grow up? 2:46
“Mom. 5 more minutes, please!” 3:01
The most time-sapping toy of my childhood 3:19
“Darling, I have found your grandpa’s photo.” 3:30
Cartoons 3:43
The greatest tragedy of childhood 3:59

-Today’s kids prefer Xbox to sandbox.
-You were afraid of getting in the naughty corner, now the worst punishment is no wi-fi in the house for one whole day.
-Teenage girls used to look like kids, now they are more like divas.
-Today’s kids eagerly share their school news with the social media, but not their own parents.
-We used to learn about sex at a much older age.
-Today’s kids care cry over expensive headset getting damaged, not plastic toys.
-Telephone used to be a cool gadget made of two tin cans, now it’s something annoying and easily replaced by texting.
-We used to be happy about whatever Grandma cooked for us, these days kids prefer gourmet foods.
-Doctors, astronauts and policemen were replaced by bloggers and cryptocurrency miners for a dream job.
-It used to be nearly impossible to drag us inside, now the real challenge is to get the kids outside to play.
-Spinners took over the world.
-Grandpas used to be gentlemen smiling at you in photo albums, 50 years from now they’ll be hipsters on Instagram.
-Cartoon characters used to look more real.
-Our TV screens might look different now, but one thing never changes: Lion King still makes us cry.

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