Chevy Volt 2017 Review: An Electric Car With A Gas Assistant

The Chevy Volt is unlike any car I’ve ever driven. For the first 50 miles it’s an all-electric sedan with zero tailpipe emissions that you can recharge at home. Once the battery runs dry, though, the Volt keeps going on a four-cylinder gas generator that takes you the rest of the car’s 420-mile range. So the Volt 2017 (which is nearly identical to the Volt 2016) exists somewhere between yesterday’s world of internal combustion engines and tomorrow’s world of full electrics – and whether you call that an E-REV or a PHEV, it’s a pretty exciting place to be. Hop behind the wheel with Michael Fisher for MrMobile’s Chevy Volt 2017 Review!


The Chevy Volt 2017 Review was produced after seven days with a Chevy Volt 2017 review vehicle on loan from Chevrolet. The car was principally driven in the Greater Boston area in September 2016, with a 500-mile round trip to New York City via Newport, RI.



Additional cinematography for the Chevy Volt 2017 Review was provided by Mark Guim and Mike Jandreau.


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