Broadband deal of the week: Plusnet 76Mb superfast broadband for less than £30pm

It’s been a big week for fibre broadband. First came Virgin Media’s announcement that it was introducing a new, cheaper superfast broadband tariff called VIVID 50. And now Plusnet has just removed the activation fee from its rapid 76Mb Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband.

That may not sound like a big deal, but when you consider that the monthly tariff is a shade less than £30 you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic deal. And you’ve only got until midnight next Tuesday to grab it…

When you compare it to the competition, you can really see what a cracking internet deal this is from the BT-owned Plusnet. Take BT’s own Infinity 1 fibre broadband for example. The monthly tariff is exactly the same at £29.95, but you have to pay a £59.99 upfront fee for delivery of the router and set-up. it is currently throwing in a £125 pre-paid Mastercard to soften the blow, but the 52Mb speeds are almost a third less than Plusnet Extra.

Virgin Media on the other hand can top Plusnet’s speeds, but will set you back more every month. Go for Virgin VIVID 100 broadband for a lightning-fast 100Mb cable connection, but be prepared to pay £32 a month on top of a £20 activation fee. Plus, you may struggle to get Virgin broadband – its UK coverage is currently at around 60%.

Deal of the week: Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra | 12 months | Up to 76Mb | Line rental inc. | No TV | FREE activation | £29.99pm
If you’re hunting around for the best broadband deals on the market, you may scoff at paying almost £30 a month – there are certainly cheaper plans out there. But this one’s all about the speed. 76Mb is equivalent to around 9.5MB per second. Rapid! Total cost of 12 months £359.88

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Do I need 76Mb superfast fibre broadband?

Not everybody will – if you’re not a heavy home internet user and just need it to keep on top of your emails and browse the web, then go for one of our cheap broadband deal picks instead.

But if you’re on anything less than 76Mb now and you’re constantly dogged by interrupted video streaming or slow downloads, then this Plusnet offer is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. We think it’s well worth considering 76Mb broadband or faster if you fall in to one or more of these categories:

  • More than 5 people in your household who all use the internet at once
  • You stream 4K Ultra HD content to your TV
  • You’re an avid online gamer who needs to avoid lagging
  • You download a lot of music and films and want them as fast as possible

Existing Plusnet customers

It’s worth noting that this deal is only open to new Plusnet customers. So if you’re already with the provider or have been before, you won’t be eligible for our deal of the week.

Luckily if you’re broadband contract is up for renewal, we’ve made it dead simple to find another great deal. Head to our best broadband deals page and use our price comparison chart to fish out the cheapest internet packages available right now.

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