BlackBerry Priv Review Re-Do [2017]

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It’s been 14 months since the BlackBerry Priv hit shelves, and there’s still nothing quite like it on the market. With a spiritual successor on the horizon in the form of the BlackBerry “Mercury,” let’s take another look at BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone to see what’s held up, what’s fallen off, and what’s next. Join Michael Fisher for MrMobile’s BlackBerry Priv Review Re-Do!



MrMobile’s BlackBerry Priv Review Re-Do was produced following 14 months of intermittent usage on two BlackBerry Priv review units, both on loan from BlackBerry. The devices were tested in Greater Boston and Eastern Long Island on AT&T and T-Mobile US, and were paired to a variety of smartwatches during the test period.


BlackBerry Priv:


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