BlackBerry Motion vs KEYone: Buttons Make The BlackBerry

In 2017 more so than ever before, taking a keyboard off a BlackBerry makes it just another smartphone. On the other hand, the new BlackBerry Motion packs a huge battery, a larger screen and some of the best security in the Android world – on top of being the first water- and dust-resistant BlackBerry ever. How much does that matter in light of the loss of its halo feature? Depends on how badly you need a physical keyboard. Join MrMobile for a rare comparison video: BlackBerry Motion vs BlackBerry KEYone, aka “A Tale Of Two BlackBerrys.”


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BlackBerry Motion [Amazon]:

BlackBerry KEYone [Amazon]:


MrMobile’s BlackBerry Motion vs KEYone comparison was produced following ten days with a BlackBerry Motion review device and six months with a BlackBerry KEYone review device, both provided by BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Motion Hub at CrackBerry:

The new BlackBerry Motion does away with the KEYone’s best feature [Digital Trends]:


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