BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition: Hands-On With The “Vader Berry”

Normally, a new color option and a minor spec bump aren’t newsworthy enough for a hands-on video. But the BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition (or, if you want to be all official about things, the “Limited Edition KEYone Mercury Black Device by BlackBerry made by Optiemus Infracom”) is noteworthy for more than a new paint job. For one thing, the special-edition KEYone improves on the base model in RAM and internal storage, two areas it was especially lacking. And for another, it’s said to be assembled by an entirely different company. Of course, there’s more to the story, so click on through for MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition hands-on!

Visit this link to learn more, preorders will be open after August 8th:


While the first lot was taken from TCL- the KEYone LIMITED EDITION BLACK is going to be the first made in India BlackBerry by Optiemus Infracom, so though the device box says that it’s made in China and by TCL, it’s only the first few devices that are made by TCL- rest will be done by Optiemus and will hit the India market by September this year.



BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition / BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition:
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MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition hands-on was produced following four days with a KEYone Special Edition review device on loan from Optiemus Infracom. The review unit was loaded with an identical app load as MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEYone review device, via an Android Restore. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and was not paired with a smartwatch.


CrackBerry’s Insane BlackBerry KEYone Durability Test:


“Raiders” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:



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