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Best Practices for Android App Security

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Most people can’t live without mobile devices and they depend on different apps to manage their lives.

One thing that’s becoming clear is that there is a need to keep your devices secure. Mobile attacks have reached record levels in 2019, and that trend is only going to grow in 2020.

While Android devices are known to have strong security, hackers are more sophisticated and will do anything to hack phones, including exposing vulnerabilities in your apps.

Read on to learn more about app security and how you can keep your apps and your device secure.

What Is App Security?

Application security, or app security, is the process to identify security flaws in your app software. Ideally, this happens during development.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. About 83% of apps are released with one security flaw. If that flaw gets exposed, it can severely damage your business.

App Security Tips

There’s no question that app security is important, whether you’re creating an app for the masses or for internal use at a small company. Here are a few ways you can keep your app secure.

1. Look for Security Holes Before Development

App development is a costly process. Oftentimes, a development team will create an app, discover vulnerabilities, and then release security patches.

That process leaves too many users vulnerable to a hacking incident. It’s also an expensive process to do over and over again. You can release a secure app on the first try by implementing application security early in the development process.

2. Test Your Code Often

As you’re developing your code, you want to run tests to eliminate bugs and security flaws. There are various tools that you can use to find the security issues with your code.

For example, you can use mobile testing to see how hackers can use the Android OS to gain access to your app’s code and data.

Static testing tools are useful for check code as you’re writing it. This can cut down on development time, too.  

3. Avoid Unauthorized APIs

Do you use APIs that aren’t authorized? They may make development easier in the short term, but they can be a security nightmare.

Hackers can leverage this and hijack your API authorizations. Once they have that access, they can do whatever they want to your code.

4. Test and Test More

Your job is to release the most secure app the first time out. You also want to make sure that your app remains secure

Your app is always going to be a security threat. Hackers are always going to evolve, and you need to keep up with them. Your app requires constant testing to remain a step ahead.

Keep Your Apps Secure

The best app security occurs early on in the development process. Most flaws are in the overall design of the app before development begins. If you can remove these flaws before you start to write code, you’ll make the rest of the development process easier.

That doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. Your app is always going to require testing to keep up with the changing threats.

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