The Basic Car Care Every Driver Must Know

The Basic Car Care Every Driver Must Know

Whether you just got the latest model out as your first ride or you’ve owned a car before, knowing the basics of car care makes ownership and driving more fun. It’s wisely said, “Better the devil you know, then you don’t”. Even the veteran car owners should know the basics.

You can be anywhere out, may be on a long drive, probably somewhere out in barren to enjoy the nightfall or the starts shinning bright-your car brakes. You’d be better off at knowing what happened and to what and how to fix it, rather than calling out for help. No one’s coming at that tick of the clock!

Start with the manual. You might not like reading, but at least you would get familiar with the places where you can find important information. The list starts with the maintenance schedule and rest follows. Of course you won’t find that with used car purchase in Pakistan, in this case, you can start learning from online.

And before we get to the topic of our interest, a quick note for you-if you are anywhere in the process for buying a used car, it’s wise to look online on reputable sites as Motor Trader. You will find a number of these online used and new car selling sites, ensure the repute, read feedbacks, compare prices and make your purchase. Get yourself out of the workshop deals!

Car Basic #1- Check the Lights

Memorize the warning icons as given on the instrument panel and learn what they mean. Turn the ignition ON but do not start the engine yet, all the lights should turn ON. Technically this is known as “bulb check”. Confirm all lights are ON and can be seen and you can see through them, walk around and see headlights and flashers as well as brake lights (ask someone to apply brakes). Interior lights are also for check!

Car Basic #2- Fluid Understanding

Check engine oil, brake and transmission, and power steering as well as windshield washer. Check all fluids. Check the oil by dipping in the dipstick. Check the level is up to the mark it should be. All the other fluids are only visible in translucent reservoirs, see level of all fluids. Fill the windshield washer to the top and for the others, find a professional auto technician to check and correct their levels.

Identify where every fluid goes and remember to never interchange them. Check along hoses and belts to see if they are brittle or cracked.

Car Basic #3- Battery Check

This as we all know is the most significant part of a car. Make sure you check all the connections. Confirm they are tight and corrosion free. To remove corrosion, you can use baking soda and water. Rinse and get it re-checked from a professional. In case of battery issue, learn how to jump start the car. Understand the cable connections and how to recharge the battery if charging is the only concern. Do not ever lean over the battery!

Car Basic #4- Noise Check

Check the exhaust system of your car, in case of noise, check leaks and damages and breakage of hangers. In this situation, exhaust leak can be dangerous so correct it right away. It can be easy to detect the holes and leaks under a van or an SUV, but for a car, ask the mechanic to check it for you.

Car Basic #5- Pressure Check

Check for car tire pressure and tread depth. Keep the tire pressure as per the pressure limit mentioned on the label attached to the door. Check the tires for bulges and bald spots and for an uneven wear, the car will need wheel alignment. For the tread check, the famous Jefferson’s Coin head rules is there, otherwise see if the wear bars are perpendicular to the treads and evenly spaced.

Practice changing the tire. Understand what the lifting locations are and where to place the jack. If you place the jack in the wrong place, you will simply damage the car’s floor, brake lines or fuel lines. Also practice changing the tires in parking lot or driveway.

Car Basic #6- Wiper Check

Check and ensure that wiper blades are ok. If the wipers have worn out, they can streak the window and make it difficult to see clearly during precipitation.

Car Basic #7- Safety And Security Check

If you’re learning how to drive or you have learnt driving on a used car, you might have not been able to understand all the electronic and infotainment system correctly, but a new car should make it simple and easy. Avoid using cell phone while driving.

Guest Author: Umar Shahzad

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