I highly recommend to discover which products and habits really can help you change your face beyond recognition! Have you ever realized what happens to your body when you stop eating fast food, eat less sugar and how does coffee affect your health? Well, you’re about to find out! 🙂 Fast food is made of […]

7 Things You Should Never Do After a Car Accident

Important Things To Do and Not to Do After a Car Accident – either if you’re in one, or help you can provide if you witness one! As many as 50 million drivers, passengers, and pedestrians all over the world are involved, hurt, and even injured in car crashes every year. Such cases happen so […]

15 Familiar Things That Have Changed Over Time

A few decades ago, people couldn’t even imagine a portable computer or a touchscreen phone. In fact, the first computer wouldn’t even fit in a room! Phones looked completely different too and were something that only really rich people could afford. And you can’t even fathom how much dogs and chickens have changed! So grab […]

Battlefield V: Everything You Need to Know | Gameplay, Modes, Editions, and More

At the Battlefield V reveal event, developer Dice announced what gameplay and modes you can expect from Battlefield V in addition to the Battlefield V release date which is October 19, 2018. For one, the franchise’s destruction system makes a return, allowing you to shoot through walls with an assortment of weapons. Traversal has been […]


Here are Genius toothpaste hacks everyone should try! Find out how to clean silver chain, bicycle wheels and a lot more. It’s not enough time in the day for our favorite things to do, let alone chores! Let’s not waste to much time on them while we have these amazing pro hacks to speed up […]

Andy Rubin’s Essential is reportedly up for sale and has cancelled work on its next smartphone

Essential, the smartphone company helmed by Android co-creator Andy Rubin, is trying to sell itself and has cancelled development of its next phone, Bloomberg reports. The report states that Essential has hired Credit Suisse Group AG to advise them on potentially selling itself. The company raised $330 million from investors, including Rubin’s own Playground Global, […]

Is your website ready for Generation Z?

How are perceptions of the web changing with younger generations? Gen Z is becoming a driving force in virtually every type of user and consumer trend. This large, diverse generation of digital natives is growing up in a vastly different world than any previous generation. They have never known an analog world, which produces a […]

Acer’s 2018 Gaming Lineup | Predator Helios 500, Helios 300 Special Edition, and More

Acer has just unveiled a varied range of gaming devices at its [email protected] global press conference in New York. These include the Predator Helios 500, Predator Helios 300 Special Edition, a new Nitro series, as well as the Predator Orion 5000 and Predator Orion 3000 series. Here’s our first look at Acer’s 2018 gaming lineup. […]

If You Connect to WiFi Without Password, You Might Be In Danger!

You should stop using unsecure wi-fi networks and websites, running unknown programs, linking your phone to your social media accounts, skipping system upgrades and avoiding the “sandbox”. How to protect your computer and personal data from cyber attacks? Follow some simple rules to save your privacy, gadgets, and money and tackle hackers. Music: Clover 3 […]