Are These 10 Popular Cooking Myths True?

Generation after generation has been collecting different tips and tricks to help them out in the kitchen. Nowadays, in the era of the Internet, even more culinary life hacks have appeared, but which ones really work is a good question. We decided to put 10 of the most popular cooking myths to the test. Let’s see how they did!
Hard-boiled eggs should be placed in ice-cold water for at least 15 minutes, then peel them under cold running water. To make 100% sure your eggs won’t crack, steam them. Chef Kenji says that this is the perfect way to prepare the tastiest eggs.
The frying pan stayed just as black as the day it suffered from an unlucky accident with oatmeal and absent-mindedness.
Of course, the best thing to do is to consume fresh-bought cheese as soon as possible before it dries out, but if that’s not an option, use plastic wrap.
After you’ve boiled potatoes, you probably dump the hot water, let the potatoes cool, and only then start to peel the skins off. To make this process easier, first place the cooked potatoes in ice-cold water for a couple of minutes, and then peel them. There’s just one thing you should know: the potatoes might be a bit watery.
Many people believe that if you add salt to the water you’re about to cook your pasta in, it’ll cook way faster. Now, salt does slightly increase the water’s boiling point, but that’s definitely not enough to significantly cut the time you spend cooking pasta.


Myth #10. To make eggs easier to peel, you have to put them in cold water after they’ve been boiled. 0:30
Myth #9. To clean a burnt pan without any effort, boil salted water in it. 1:37
Myth #8. To get the smell of fish off your hands and dishes, wash them in cold water and then wipe them down with lemon juice or vinegar. 2:12
Myth #7. To prevent cheese from drying out, you need to cover it in parchment paper, not plastic wrap. 2:43
Myth #6. To cut an onion without shedding tears, dip the knife in cold water. 3:32
Myth #5. To peel boiled potatoes with ease, leave them in cold water for a couple of minutes. 4:18
Myth #4. To cool down a hot drink faster, place the cup in a bowl containing ice sprinkled with salt. 5:06
Myth #3. To get rid of the bitter taste of an onion, splash it with boiling water. 5:32
Myth #2. To prevent an avocado from darkening, refrigerate it with a piece of onion. 6:01
Myth #1. Salt added to water shortens the time you need to cook pasta. 6:45

-It really was easier to peel eggs that were placed in boiling water from the very beginning.
-To clean a burnt pan, fill it with warm water and leave it overnight.
-There wasn’t even a trace of the fishy smell after we rinsed our dishes with cold water and wiped them with lemon juice.
-The piece of cheese wrapped in paper had completely dried out. As for the one that was kept in the plastic wrap, it was fresh as a daisy.
-Everything depends on the pungency of the onion and how sensitive your eyes are. However, dipping a knife in cold water does help.
-To easily peel boiled potatoes first place them in ice-cold water for a couple of minutes, and then peel them.
-The salt makes the ice start to melt, but, at the same time, it’s temperature drops, so the trick with sprinkled ice does work.
-You can avoid the bitter onion taste if you do the following: after you’ve finished cutting up your onions, put them in a medium-sized bowl, and splash a little boiling-hot water over them.
-After three days, when we took the avocado together with the onion out of the fridge, the onion didn’t seem to change anything whatsoever. Instead, keep an avocado in a tightly sealed sandwich baggie.
-You can add salt for additional flavor, but it won’t save you time as you cook pasta.

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