Apple promises next iOS update will address iPhone battery woes

After it was confirmed that Apple had been secretly slowing down the performance on its iPhones with aging batteries, its user base was not happy. The resulting series of class-action lawsuits has provoked CEO Tim Cook to address the concern in a recent interview with ABC News.

Cook’s promise is that the next iOS 11 update – expected to arrive next month – will give users the ability to disable this throttling feature at will, thus keeping their iPhones performing optimally but risking unexpected shutdowns (or other issues) caused due to the depreciated batteries.

Beyond this, to increase transparency, the battery’s health will become visible to iPhone users – a move that Cook claims is unprecedented – and if the option to throttle the performance is enabled, there will be a clear indication of when this occurs.

“We did say what it was”, said Tim Cook, recounting the decision made over a year ago to introduce the throttling feature, “but I don’t think a lot of people were paying attention. Maybe we should’ve been clearer as well.”

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