Apple AirPods delayed: get these Bluetooth earbuds instead

You won’t be able to don Apple’s wireless AirPods and look silly doing it as soon as you may have hoped (and society feared). The whacky-looking Bluetooth earbuds been delayed beyond their original October launch window.

“The early response to AirPods has been incredible. We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready,” Apple told TechCrunch, “and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.”

That’s a shame because the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus lack the standard headphone jack. Both phones come with an Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, but you still can’t easily charge and listen to music at the same time.

Never fear, there are plenty of Bluetooth headphones and earbuds that work just as well as Apple’s delayed AirPods.

3 AirPods alternatives available right now

Klipsch R6 In-Ear Headphones

These are almost guaranteed to be more comfortable than Apple’s hard plastic AirPods thanks to Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips. They fit like a dream.

Beneath the silicon tips are two micro speakers with a dynamic moving coil that has been engineered to provide the acoustic speaker quality that lives up to the  the company’s home theater heritage.

The Bluetooth Klipsch R6 do have a wire between them, but it’s a flat, tangle-resistant cable and they come with a carrying case and four ear pairs of tips, all for a price cheaper than the AirPods.

Bose QuietControl 30 wireless headphones

You’re not going to get noise-canceling earbud audio with Apple’s AirPods, even when they do launch. Bose, however, has you covered right now.

Its QuietControl 30 wireless headphones go as far as letting you control the level of noise cancellation through your day, providing a more balanced approach to becoming immersed in your music.

And with 10 hours of wireless listening, it should last  your entire commute for a week before you have to recharge it.

The QC30 pulls off this extended play by tucking the lithium-ion battery in the discrete, contoured neckband. Luckily, it remains soft and lightweight to wear.

Beats Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones

Just because Apple delayed the AirPods doesn’t mean it doesn’t have backup plans of its own: it own Beats and its Powerbeats2 wireless headphones.

These gym-focused Bluetooth earbuds have a 30 foot range, six hours of battery life and are sweat resistant. That’s enough to survive all of your brutal workouts.

Yes, the Powerbeats3 with the W1 chip are almost ready (November 11 launch date), but these Powerbeats2 earbuds are cheaper and available right now and sport the same sporty design.

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