Android Smartphone Hidden Secret Codes

Android Secret Codes

Do you realize that Android devices are intelligent and savvy? There are different android codes which can be utilized for simple working of the device. These android mystery codes can also be utilized for accessing the mystery entrance of the Android and its services. There are different typical or numeric sequences which effortlessly permit one to access the framework settings for different usages. In this article, there are different codes given which can be utilized on the Android device. Some of them may not chip away at particular devices, but rather you can try them.

Open your dial pad and write these secret codes in order to get your desired function.

1. Common Android Secret Codes

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2. GPS Bluetooth & WLAN Test Codes





3. Firmware Version Information Codes


4. Factory Tests Secret Codes




5. PDA and Phone Codes


6. Other Android Secret Codes


Developers still feel that a portion of the android mystery codes can make a genuine change to the device grouping. Along these lines, one ought to be watchful in running the codes and should do it at their own risk and not end in playing with them in the event that they have less knowledge about it.

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