Android O release date is closer than ever with new beta update

Android O has entered its final phase of beta development with the fourth public preview. After this release, the next move for Google is to officially launch the still-unnamed Android O to supported devices.

Developer preview 4 is what’s called a release candidate build, a final representation of the software that is meant to be a feature-complete look at the new operating system. 

It’s said to have all of the bells and whistles in place, meaning that it’s the smoothest, most efficient version of O yet. We’ll be testing it soon, but we can confidently guess it’ll probably run just about all of your apps without fail–something that developer preview 3 couldn’t do. (How's a guy supposed to watch Twin Peaks when the Showtime app keeps crashing?)

What's new here?

Each new developer preview has introduced something new for curious users to test out, but unless you’re a developer, this update doesn’t bring anything that hasn’t already been seen. 

Google’s latest update and the accompanying blog post is encouraging app developers one last time to get the ball rolling on implementing Android O’s marquee features into their apps. In so many words, it gets across that customers will gravitate towards apps that support features like Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and notification dots, and away from apps that don’t.

It won’t be long now until we see the official release of Android O into the wild, and you know what that means: we’ll finally find out what “O” stands for.

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