Amazon Prime Day unleashes superb Xbox One bundle deal for under £180

We're growing quite fond of Amazon Prime Day, especially when it means we can buy a brand new Xbox One S bundle, packed with plenty of money-saving extras for under £180.

Sure, over on our regular Xbox One deals page we're pretty good at finding you standalone Xbox One prices around £200, but it's been a while since we had such a generous bundle for this low price. Major congrats if you waited, this is clearly the one to buy.

Today's Amazon Prime deal comes with a new Xbox One S (that's the newer, smaller model that includes a 4k Blu-ray player), Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft Favourites, an extra controller and a chatpad attachment with headset (headset not pictured) – all for just £179.99.

£179.99 is a great price we'd heartily recommend for the Xbox One S alone. Amazon says that it's knocked £111 off this bundle's previous price, but we've shopped around and this deal is even better than at first glance.

We added up the items separately, choosing the best prices from a full-range of retailers, and it turns out this Amazon Xbox One deal is £120 cheaper. A large part of that seems to be the way Forza Horizon 3 has shot back up to around £40 at most retailers. 

Either way, this deal's so strong, you could remove any item and still be getting a great deal. So if there's any item in the bundle you're not bothered about, you're  still saving money by picking up this bundle. You could always trade in any unwanted items or sling them on eBay too.

Don't forget, the Amazon Prime Day deals on and are only available to Amazon Prime members. Want a pro tip? Sign up for a free 30-day trial and you'll be able to take advantage of these exclusive prices. Then feel free to unsubscribe within the next 30 days if you don't want to continue using the service. We think you'll quite like it though. Check out our main Amazon Prime Day hub for updates on the best deals on even more categories. 

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