Amazon chops Total War: Warhammer down to just £12 on Prime Day

Amazon’s big Prime Day isn’t just about hardware, and PC gamers have some rather excellent deals to tempt them, including a big discount on Total War: Warhammer, which has been knocked right down to £11.99.

Note that this is for a Steam code to download the game onto your PC, as opposed to buying a boxed copy, but nonetheless it’s a steal compared to the usual asking price of between £33 (for the boxed version) and £36 (the current price for the Steam download for non-Prime members). It’s a £24 saving, in fact, compared to the latter.

Incidentally, if you’re not a Prime subscriber, you can avail yourself of a free trial membership today in order to bag this particular deal (and any of the others currently on Amazon which take your fancy).

Total War: Warhammer is a superb strategy game set in the Warhammer universe (as you probably guessed), complete with all its many weird and wonderful races (but not the Skaven – although the children of the Horned Rat are expected to pitch up in the sequel). And interestingly, it’s one of the increasing number of games that you can also get on both macOS and Linux as well as Windows.

If you do go ahead and buy the game, we’ve got a guide on how to get started in Total War: Warhammer right here.

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PC gone mad

There are a number of other very compelling deals on PC games, too, with some insanely heavy price cuts being implemented. For example, Watch_Dogs 2 has been reduced to £20.24 for a saving of £19 (that’s a download code for Uplay).

You can also get yourself a copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda for half price, with it being reduced from £49.99 to £24.99 (and again that’s a download code, for EA’s store Origin).

Furthermore, if you fancy a bash at Titanfall 2, that’s been dropped from £49.99 right down to £16.99.

Sticking with the shooter action, Tom Clancy's The Division has been reduced from £39.98 to £14.39.

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