All the Amazon devices deals on Prime Day 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017 has now started, and as well as offering great deals on a wide range of devices, Amazon has also brought some major price cuts to its own devices.

These include the incredibly popular Amazon Echo smart speaker, as well as Fire tablets and streaming sticks, and the iconic Kindle e-reader.

So, if you've been hankering after one of Amazon's devices, this year's Amazon Prime day is definitely the time to take the plunge.

Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Echo deals 2017

Amazon Echo: down to £79.99 from £149.99
The Amazon Echo is Amazon’s flagship smart speaker, powered by the world-renowned Alexa smart home helper. It's still the original smart speaker and one of the best. We gave it 4-stars in our review last year.

Amazon Echo Dot: down to £34.99 from £49.99
The Echo dot is the mini and more popular version of the Echo. It sport a mini speaker and also an audio-out port to plug it into external speakers. It was already affordable, but this price cut makes it even more tempting.

Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Fire TV deals 2017 

Amazon Fire TV Stick : down to £29.99 from £49.99
Amazon's TV and music streaming stick plugs straight into your TV and instantly smartens it up, bringing you Netflix, Amazon Video, Spotify, gaming, shopping and loads of other things. At £20 off this has to be a must-buy if you don't already have one.

Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Kindle deals 2017 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: down to £79.99 from £109.99
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the step-up e-reader for those who want a higher-res screen, a built-in light and a more comfortable reading experience – and are willing to pay a little extra to get it .

Amazon Kindle Voyage: down to £129.99 from £169.99
The Voyage is another e-reader and another step up in price, offering as it does premium build quality, a flush display, an automatic-brightness display and a few other premium extras. A worthy step up from the Paperwhite.

Amazon Fire 7 tablet: down to £29.99 from £49.99
This is already a super cheap 7-inch tablet even before any Prime Day discounts. It packs the Alexa smart helper, and you can install all your favourite apps like Spotify and Netflix. At £29.99 there's no arguing with this amazing deal.

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet: down to £49.99 from £79.99
The Fire HD 8 tablet is a good step up from the 7-incher above and packs an 8-inch HD screen as well as some other core upgrades. Worth spending the extra if you want a bit more than the bare essentials.

Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Fire Tablet deals 2017 

Amazon Fire 7 Kids: down to £69.99 from £99.99
We already know this one is going to be on sale. This is essentially a Fire 7 tablet, with child protection software, a kid-proof case and loads of kids games and content for your little ones.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids: down to £89.99 from £129.99
Essentially the same as above but with HD 8-inch screen and a bit more oomph. Kids will appreciate the extra screen space, and they're less likely to get frustrated with a bit more grunt to power their games and video.

Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Dash deals 2017 

Amazon Dash buttons: down to £1.99 from £4.99
Run out of that everyday item? Whether it's toilet paper, beer, cat food, coffee, washing powder of a range of other things – you can instantly order a same-day or next-day replenishment at the touch of one of these Dash buttons.

  • It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale. Stick with TechRadar for how to grab all the best deals. 

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