A man from Peshawar gets 12 year jail sentence for harassing women on social site

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The Federal Investigation Department of Pakistan(FIA) has arrested a man from Peshawar for creating a fake profile of women and then using the account to harass her. The man was arrested back in 2015 by FIA. The culprit named as Munir has been convicted and sent to prison for 12 years.

Additional session judge Usman Ali also obtruded Rs 0.3 million fine on culprit Munir. FIA Peshawar Deputy Director Ayaz Khan said that the women filed a complaint against Munir and accused him of creating an FB page under her name.

Deputy Director said, “We arrested him and conducted an investigation under the cyber crime laws”.

The government of Pakistan has revised the Cyber crime law, to curb online abuse from the country. However, the government is facing harsh criticism from different sectors of the country as they are terming new laws inhumane and damages freedom of speech.

This sentence is unprecedented in its nature as Munir is the first culprit to receive 12-years long jail sentence.

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FIA has also recently arrested a woman from Sialkot for blackmailing a man on social media. Moreover, FIA has also been in action the people who are writing or posting against military establishment on social media. Furthermore, district consumer protection court has also ordered FIA to probe fraudulent Online Shopping Sites.

Online abuse in rising not only in Pakistan but across the globe.

It is worth mentioning here that a few days back Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar met with Facebook’s VP for Global Public Policy, Joel Kaplan, to discuss the removal of blasphemous content from Facebook.

Feature Image Source: Huffington Post

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