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A Guide to Android’s Pros and Cons: Is it Really Better Than iOS?

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If you know anything about mobile technology, then you know that there are two top dogs when it comes to mobile operating systems.

The first and most widely used internationally is Android. This operating system is owned by Google and used by many different phone manufacturers across the world.

The second is iOS. This proprietary software is only available in Apple devices. Many Apple users decry Android software as an inferior choice. But in this article, we’ll take a look at whether that is really the case.

We’ll look at Android pros as well as Android cons so that you are better able to decide which operating system fits your personal mobile requirements better.

Android Pros

The Android OS has some very significant advantages to it.

The first and most important advantage is that it is available in a variety of devices. These devices span a range of functionalities and budgets. Want a small, inexpensive phone? Or do you prefer a large screen with every technological feature available?

Well, you can have an Android system on either. Because so many different manufacturers use the operating system, you are bound to find a device that fits your personal tastes and needs with Android.

Another major advantage is that Android is infinitely more customizable than iOS. This means that if you’re a techie or have developer tendencies, then Android will make it much easier for you to customize your phone’s functionality and interface exactly how you want it to be.

iOS, on the other hand, does its best to restrict much of that functionality. 

Last but not least, because Android is so widely used, it also has a thriving app market. Apple’s app store on the other hand, while certainly robust, is no match for the Google Play Store that Android uses.

Android Cons

These advantages do not come without their costs, however. When analyzing the Android vs iPhone debate, one has to remember that the iOS platform is much more lightweight than Android.

Because Android can do so much more in terms of customization, it’s a much more heavyweight operating system. This in turn can make it slow to use on devices that do not have significant RAM available

When choosing the best one for you, also remember that the Android operating system is known to be more susceptible to security flaws than iOS. If security is a very important consideration, then you would do well to go with an iPhone instead.

Which Operating System is Right for You?

There you have it. At the end of the day, there is no one answer to the question of “is Android better than iOS?” Instead, the answer to the question is specific to you. 

What are your needs? What do you want out of a phone? If you want an infinitely customizable interface and don’t mind the chance that your phone could slow down after a period of usage, then Android could be the option you’ve been looking for.

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