A Complete Guide To Upgrading Your Gadget Collection This Summer

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Summer is upon us and what better time than these lazy summer afternoons to leisurely browse through gadgets and electronic devices. If you happen to be relying on a hand-me-down laptop or if you’re thinking of upgrading your gadget collection with some cool accessories then now is the right time to burn a little cash.

However, it’s always tough to finally arrive at a decision about which gadget to buy. So to help you out we’ve organized a complete guide about how to upgrade your gadget collection and which gadgets you should definitely invest in this summer.

HP Probook


Who doesn’t have a laptop these days. It has become almost imperative particularly for those of who attend university or have corporate jobs. If you’re low on budget and you’re just looking for something that would get the job done then we suggest you go for the Dell Inspiron. It’s very sturdy and is a laptop for all seasons. If you want something a little more sleeker that’s slightly heavy on the pocket then the HP ProBook would be a great option. But if you want a high-end product then the Apple MacBook Air is the one to go for!

Power Banks

Smartphones have become an essential part of our fast-paced lives. We constantly rely on mobiles for almost everything so when they run out of juice we tend to panic. However, it helps to be prepared and so a good investment of your money would be power banks. If you’re considering buying one, we strongly recommend you buy the 10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank Pro. It has a very sleek design, it’ll fit easily fit in your bag but most importantly it only takes 1 hour 50 mins to completely charge a 3090 mAh Android device.

Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone accessories come and go but this summer we suggest you to invest your money in something more long-lasting. One good item to pick up would be LED Bluetooth Headphones from GS Telecom. They are very easy to wear and offer great sound quality.

Laptop Accessories

If you already have a laptop you’re happy with then have no fear for we’ll assist you in finding the right accessory for your laptop. If you’re into gaming then we strongly suggest you invest in Genius’ Gaming Keyboard. It has a very robust body and will gel perfectly with your intense gaming sessions. Another accessory we strongly suggest, given the intense heat this summer, is the E-Table by GF Enterprises. Say goodbye to the bad habit of putting your your laptop directly on your lap.

So here you have it. But if you happen to have some other items you want to buy you’re in luck because Yayvo has a Gadgets Mania going on. They are offering up to 70% off on select items in the Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Home Appliances, and Accessories categories. This is a flash sale and will begin on 3 PM every day and continue till 18th July. Head over there to find out if there’s something for you!


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