A Basic Guide on How to Convert HTML to PDF

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Do you want to convert HTML web content into a PDF?

The Portable Document Format is used by millions because it keeps it formatting no matter the platform. Adobe created the first PDF back in 1992 and the standardized file format continues to this day.

Developers and users often need to convert HTML to PDF to share content to all devices. The question is how?

This article provides a basic guide on how to turn HTML to PDF using some powerful conversion tools.

Read on to learn about online conversion services and browser options. Coders will discover how to convert HTML to PDF through programming libraries.

Why Convert HTML to PDF?

Unlike a Word or Excel document, a PDF file looks the same no matter the device, operating system, or platform. You can be certain that the information you see on your computer will look exactly the same on a phone or tablet.

The same can’t be said of HTML.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) gives guidelines on how content should look. However, web browsers can interpret this differently. Results also change depending on the size of the screen and resolution.

That’s why the need to convert HTML to PDF remains popular, so everyone sees the same thing.

How to Turn HTML to PDF

The process of creating a PDF from HTML is relatively easy if you know what you’re doing.

We’ve outlined some of the main ways to help you create your new files below. Using these HTML to PDF conversion tools will transform even the largest of web pages into a sharable format.

Print to PDF

The easiest way to convert a web page into a PDF is to use the Print option.

  1. Open the web page you wish to convert
  2. Press Ctrl + P or Command + P
  3. Select ‘Save as PDF’ from the list of available printers
  4. Choose your formatting options
  5. Click Print and select the destination

Mobile users can access Print from the options menu. Linux users must use a compatible browser.

Results appear within seconds and PDFs look identical to the formatting on the page.

Programming Libraries

Developers who need to convert HTML to PDF on-the-fly can use a library.

For example, the PDFSharp library lets .NET and .NET Core programmers render a PDF directly within the source code. Options include creating a PDF from a text string, ASPX page, and a response viewport. HTML Templates work too.

Just ensure the library you use is compatible with your coding choice!

Adobe Acrobat PDF Toolbar

Adobe offers its own extension toolbar that sits within your browser. It comes bundled with the latest release of Adobe Acrobat, software that can help batch-produce PDFs.

Simply visit a web page and click the button to create your PDF.

It’s a great conversion technique yet like the Print to PDF technique, it has its limits. But if you want a one-click solution why not give it a try?

PDF From HTML Tips and More at Approid

Converting HTML to PDF lets you turn your web page content into a format that you can share with anyone.

This guide has outlined the easiest and best HTML to PDF conversion tools. Regardless if you’re a .NET developer or an office worker, use these services to make the process a breeze.

Read more about file conversion software in our Technology section.

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