9 Mind-Blowing Riddles That’ll Make You Feel Smarter

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Riddles are a great way to give your brain some much-needed exercise off the beaten path. Test your logic and boost your analytical thinking and wits with these mind-bending super hard riddles we’ve put together. Only the smartest people can solve these puzzles. After each riddle, you’ll have 15 seconds to figure out the answer. If you need more time, just pause the video!


1. Mislabeled 0:41
2. The water barrel 2:01
3. Sugar cubes 3:00
4. “Pitcher” this 4:05
5. A box of marbles 4:51
6. Game time 5:38
7. The boy and his butter 6:16
8. The shopping street 7:00
9. A murder mystery 9:40

-How many times do you need to open boxes and take out one ball to check its color to label all the boxes correctly?
-You need to figure out if the barrel is more- or less- than half-full.
-You need to distribute 10 sugar cubes among the cups so that each cup contains an odd number of cubes.
-Your task is to move just one pitcher to arrange them so that you get a nice full-empty-full pattern.
-Figure out how many marbles there are in the box.
-Name the game where those who are winning move backwards, while those who are losing move forward.
-Why did the boy stand up, walked up to the window, and threw some butter out of it?
-In what order do the buildings stand and which one should be restored first?
-How did the investigating detective know who had lied to him?

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