9 Habits That Might Turn You Into a Loser

Some things we do every day might seem pretty harmless, but you won’t believe the effect those routine actions have on our lives. A lot of the time they determine your success, happiness, and even well-being. If you want to significantly change your life for the better, you have to avoid these 9 habits that might turn you into a loser.
Always trying to find a scapegoat to blame gives a person a false feeling that the problem is solved. But it’ll always keep coming back again and again because you didn’t deal with the issue properly from the get-go.
If you weight yourself against someone more successful than you, then you’ll constantly feel sorry for yourself. On the other hand, if you compare yourself to someone that hasn’t achieved what you have, then you risk being satisfied staying in one place in life.
Remember that a true goal is a beacon that shows you the way even in complete darkness.
Losers don’t know how to build relationships with the people around them because they’re terrible communicators. And this isn’t about people that are simply shy or socially awkward, it’s about the ones who arrogantly think they’re better than everyone else and should be treated differently.
People who are very cognitively competent argue and push their own views less. Of course, you have a right to stand up for your point of view. But you have to be kind and respectful.
“The cheaper, the better!” is another favorite mantra of many losers. But what they don’t realize is that they’re actually spending more money. Psychologists say that jealousy is simply an inability to feel content with one’s own life.

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Blaming everyone around you for your own failures 0:27
Comparing yourself to others 1:20
Not believing in yourself 2:06
Giving up on your goals and values 3:02
Not knowing how to communicate with others 4:01
Procrastinating 4:55
Disregarding other people’s points of view 5:56
Loving free or cheap stuff 6:57
Being jealous and slandering others 7:47

-Take responsibility and learn from your mistakes, or this burden of unlearned lessons will follow you everywhere you go.
-Compare your current self only to your past self, not other people, both more and less successful than you are.
-You’ve got to change your mindset, at least gradually. Put yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone.
-Don’t be so quick to give up what’s really important to you, not even for other people or out of pure laziness.
-Take a look around you, there are certainly a lot of great people you just haven’t noticed. Maybe it’s finally time to change that.
-When you postpone major tasks that will help you reach your goals or improve your life, then there’s a problem. Live every day to the fullest, get active today.
-You have to be kind and respectful. Just as you have a right to your opinion, so does everybody else.
-Instead of buying cheap stuff that quickly breaks down and replacing it with more cheap stuff, they buy high-quality products that will serve them longer and save them money in the end.
-Support people around you and get inspired by their achievements. Keep doing your best, believe in yourself, and you’ll see that the sky’s the limit.

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