8 Tricky Riddles That’ll Boost Your Brain Power

If you are a true riddle lover, this video is going to warm up your brain and stretch your imagination with 8 questions.
You have to pay attention to the little details and think outside the box to get the answers right. We at Bright Side want to give you these 8 amazing riddles to crack.

What’s missing in the photo? 0:04
A shooter 0:45
Find the treasure 1:48
9 dots 2:46
Match and Math 3:44
Ladder on a ship 4:46
Bird on a car 5:58
Finding a brother 7:13

-Give this picture a close look to find what’s missing in it.
-How is it possible for a man to shoot his wife, put her under water and hang her, then go for dinner with her?
-Help the treasure hunter find a direction to move in.
-Use four lines to connect all 9 dots without lifting up the pencil.
-Move one matchstick to solve the equation in 3 possible ways.
-How many rungs of the ladder would be under water when the tide stops rising?
-Will the bridge collapse if the bird sits on top of a 2000 kg car?
-Figure out how Rob managed to recognize his brother.

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