8 Tips on Setting Up Automated Customer Support for Startups

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More than 61% of customers will leave a business if the customer service is not satisfactory.

Customers deserve appreciation and respect. Their calls should be answered promptly, and they should get the right information regarding everything that concerns them. 

However, talking to customers is not always humanly possible for large businesses. But thanks to the digital advancements, robots and other software can provide automated customer support to help large corporations manage common customer issues.

Startups can benefit from the automation, too, if they choose the right software, and follow the other tips discussed in this article. If you would like to remain in touch with your customers despite your busy schedule, follow these practical automation tips:

1. Maintain Human Touch 

A robot may not provide the human touch that your callers want. Remember that the software only depends on programming, and it cannot provide the empathy or the flexibility that your clients need.

At times, your clients will demand clarification and explanation when they contact your customer service. Since the software cannot do so, your clients will be disappointed, and you might lose them.

So, don’t abandon the customer service desk simply because you have automated the responsibility. You will still need a customer care team, whom your callers can talk to if necessary.

The admin will handle the sensitive queries and watch the bots’ performance to confirm that everything is as expected.

2. Don’t Lie That You Are Not Automating

Your callers should know that you are using an automation service. It’s a digital world, and after all, customers expect some form of automation in business.

The biggest mistake you can do will be to lie to them that they are talking to a real person when they are not. A bot will always be a bot, and it can’t provide the same service as a human.

So, be open and tell your caller’s the truth. Assure them that you are only automating the basic service and that they will be talking to a real person whenever they need a comprehensive discussion.

They will trust you more if you are transparent.

3. Get Feedback

Don’t assume that your customers are okay with the automation. If this is your first automated system, then you will need to collect feedback from customers

If many people like automation, then you will know you are doing the right thing. However, many negative reviews will be a red sign that something is wrong. 

You should correct the issues as soon as possible to prevent the problem from growing. Nothing is perfect, but you will be better off if you solve the possible concerns.

4. Personalize the Service

The same response cannot apply to all the callers who contact your customers’ service team. Personalization means providing a unique response to your callers depending on their behavior, age, gender, social class, and so on.

The personalized service adds a friendly touch that satisfies your customers. So, study the behavior of your clients and add the right templates. The modern bots allow the users to add specific Meta tags to their clients.

For instance, if you are sending a message in the evening, it would be wrong for the software to ask, “Good morning customer.”

The same case applies to names. You can address the calls and messages by the customers’ names as displayed in the system. The personalization will make your clients feel recognized and appreciated.

5. Get the Right Software

More than 76% of businesses use automation tools. The increased demand for software has increased the number of programs in the market.

Unless you are keen, you may quickly end up with the wrong automation tool. For the best results, you should review the needs of your business to know what you want. If you want a bot for the FAQs only, then you should get a customized customer service bot for that purpose only.

Other bots are multipurpose and can handle a wide array of activities at the same time. Compare your needs with the available software and select the best. You can also do a cost analysis to confirm that the bot is worth buying.

6. Start Slow

Like the other tools and equipment in your office, you should start slow when setting up your automated lobby management software. You can’t install it for the first time and leave the entire customer service roles to it.

Since the system is still new, you should only instruct a few duties. For the first day, you should monitor it well to confirm that it is working as per the expectations.

If the performance is exemplary, you can add more duties which it can perform. Remember that you will still need to provide a human backup in case it fails to function well. Also, you will need to monitor long term performance.

7. Integrate the Responses

It’s essential to cross-channel the responses. The chatbot should provide the same information to the human agents. 

Otherwise, customers will be frustrated to get contradicting answers from the bot and the call answering agents regarding the same question. The contradicting information can attract negative reviews and might damage the reputation of your firm.

So integrate the response to ensure that there is uniformity.

8. Provide Quick Replies

Research shows that customers expect a turnaround of fewer than 24 hours to their complaints. An extended period is a turnoff. It can affect your reviews, or worse, making you lose your esteemed clients.

Every bot has its settings regarding how quickly you would like it to reply. A delayed response will be useless and will only bring negative impacts to your business.

To get the best of the software, you should schedule quick replies so that your clients don’t wait for the same for long hours.

Improve Your Automated Customer Support

Follow the above tips to improve your automated customer support. If you suspect that it’s not bringing the right impact, drop it and try another tactic. However, the right bot will not push you to the point of avoiding it. So take your time in setting it up and seek experts’ help when necessary.

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