8 Psychological Hacks That’ll Let You See Through People

You don’t need to be a psychic in order to read people’s minds. Those around you constantly give away their thoughts, feelings, and intentions without even realizing it. You just need to be really attentive to see right through them.
Obviously, everybody’s different, each with their own mannerisms and peculiarities. That’s why it’s so important to understand what behavior is normal for a particular individual. Slight changes in their behavior or body language can speak volumes and allow you to read them like an open book. Analyzing all the information you have, you’ll be able to understand someone’s personality a lot better without even spending that much time with them.
In different cultures, there can be different rules. For example, in some countries, people look away to show their respect, not because they’re hiding something or feeling uncomfortable. They say you should never judge a book by its cover. That’s good advice and all, but a person’s appearance really can tell a lot about them.
We like to spend more time with people who share our interests and personality traits. Watch who someone spends most their time with and how they treat other people. See if this person tries to make others comfortable or rudely annoys people without even noticing it.

Music: Level Plane – Riot
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Define the norm 0:20
Observe and compare 1:05
Always mind the context 1:43
Check out how someone is dressed 2:19
What’s with the face? 3:26
Watch their behavior in a group 5:12
Listen to how they articulate their thoughts 6:07
Trust your intuition 7:02

-Try to understand what behavior is normal for a particular individual, and then pay attention to anything the person does differently.
-Pay attention to the details: how they carry themselves, how they communicate with other people, what secrets their body language reveals.
-Always keep in mind the context of the situation: in different cultures, there can be different rules.
-People, either willingly or subconsciously, show their true selves through their clothing choices.
-Facial expressions can reveal a lot of things people would rather keep hidden. For example, when someone likes you, their facial muscles relax, the head tilts a bit to the side, and blood rushes to their lips, making them slightly plumper and brighter.
-Watch who someone spends most their time with and how they treat other people.
-Don’t just listen to what a person says, pay attention to how they say it.
-Intuition can let you down from time to time, but the longer you keep listening to it and observing people, the better it’ll work.

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