8 New Riddles Only the Smartest 2% Can Crack

We know more about outer space than we do about what’s inside our own head. But what we do know is that various mind-bending puzzles, super hard riddles, and brain teasers can help our brain function better and stay sharp! We at Bright Side want to invite you to solve these brain teasers to give your brain a proper workout and boost your logic and thinking skills.

1. Find the original Scream painting 0:09
2. Find the odd picture 0:24
3. Find the mistake 0:40
4. Find the odd picture 0:56
5. Can you find BEER in the periodic table? 1:12
6. Find the odd image 1:28
7. Find the toilet paper 1:44
8. Find the odd clock 2:01
Bonus: Choose an item and find out what’s hidden deep inside you 2:18
If you picked swing 2:46
If you picked doll 2:58
If you picked open paint can 3:10
If you picked bicycle 3:22
If you picked basket of apples 3:34
If you picked nails 3:46
If you picked helmet 3:58
If you picked books 4:10
If you picked hammer 4:22
If you picked masks 4:33
If you picked painting 4:45
If you picked wheel 4:57
If you picked sausages 5:09
If you picked grating 5:21
If you picked ladder 5:33
If you picked boxes 5:45
If you picked broom 5:57
If you picked broken chair 6:09
If you picked broken mirror 6:21
If you picked tongs 6:33

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