8 Mystery Riddles That Will Strain Your Brain

Here come: 8 amazing riddles that will test your brain and logical skills. I have 8 riddles so hard that they’ll make your brain boil. Are you up for the challenge?

Four pills 0:20
All in the family 1:28
Secure delivery 2:30
The clock strikes midnight 4:02
Murder at the mansion 5:12
Sam’s Birthday 6:37
Stuck in the middle 7:33
The resourceful goldsmith 8:34

-Help your grandma take the right medications.
-Figure out how it’s possible that one of the lawyers in court was the father of the other’s son.
-Do you think it’s possible for two friends to somehow get the bracelet delivered securely?
-Can you tell how long it’ll take the clock to strike 12 times at midnight?
-Find out who was arrested for murder.
-Guess what Sam’s secret is.
-Calculate how many kids go to Billy’s school.
-Can you say how much did each piece of gold weigh?

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