7 Things You Should Never Do After a Car Accident

Important Things To Do and Not to Do After a Car Accident – either if you’re in one, or help you can provide if you witness one!

As many as 50 million drivers, passengers, and pedestrians all over the world are involved, hurt, and even injured in car crashes every year. Such cases happen so often that you can easily become a witness or a participant in a car accident or have to provide first aid to victims of one.
This can be a scary experience that is likely to leave you in shock. That’s why it’s incredibly important to learn how to react and act in advance not to lose your head and make sure that everybody who has been involved is safe.

What you need to do if you’ve got in a car accident. 0:44
What you should not do if you’ve got in a car accident. 4:31
If you’ve become a witness to a car crash. 6:28
DO NOT move a victim of the accident if you can avoid this! 7:28

Have you ever had to provide first aid to a person hurt in a car accident? What did you do? Tell us in the comments below!

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