7 Psychological Tricks That Work On Anybody

The human mind is a complex system and with some simple psychological tips you can control yourself, look more attractive, and even spend less money. These 7 psychological effects have the power to control a lot of your actions, but as long as you keep them in mind you can stand strong against them and use them for your own good.
Ask yourself from time to time, “Am I doing this simply to make somebody like or notice me or because it’s what I really want?” And be honest!
Try to keep your mind clear and stay critical. Taking part in a questionnaire or survey doesn’t automatically mean that you’re supposed to give a positive review of the product just because somebody considered you an expert in this particular field.
The best way to get something off your brain is to always finish what you’ve started. If there’s no way you can do that in real life, then do it in your head. Every time you buy something really expensive, try to be honest with yourself and ask, “Am I paying for the quality or the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’ of people around me?”
Don’t be afraid to look clumsy or do something stupid. In fact, this will only make you cuter and more relatable! These kinds of people seem more approachable than those who strut down the street like royalty.
Not nearly as many people as you think actually notice your mishaps because they’re all too busy worrying about themselves! If you have a coffee stain on your shirt or a big zit on your cheek, don’t focus on it so much.
If you suddenly feel unwell in a public place and you need help ASAP, don’t address the whole crowd by shouting “Help!” or “Call 911!” Choose one specific person. This way, you’ll have better chances at being heard and getting the help you need.


The Social Facilitation Effect 0:44
The Hawthorne Effect 1:45
The Zeigarnik Effect 2:49
The Veblen Effect 3:51
The Pratfall Effect 4:54
The Spotlight Effect 5:44
The Bystander Effect 7:00

-People tend to act differently depending on whether they’re alone or in the presence of others.
-The Observer Effect happens when people modify their behavior if they know they’re being watched. When you’re involved in something new and are interested in some experiment, you subconsciously act in a more eager or enthusiastic way.
-People are better at remembering information or events that were left incomplete or unfinished.
-If you’re a slave to the constant new releases of some phone or luxury bag or whatever, then you’ve already fallen into the Veblen Effect trap.
-People who make silly mistakes or even sometimes look funny seem more attractive and charming.
-The Spotlight Effect makes people believe that others notice them more than they really do, especially their faults.
-The Bystander Effect says that people are less likely to provide help to a victim if there are others present.

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