7 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 2% Can Solve

Test your investigation skills solving 7 mind-blowing riddles. These puzzles are super hard and scary at the same time. They might chill your blood. Only the smartest 2 % of people can solve these brain teasers. See if you have a super sharp mind and enviable logic. Practice solving riddles to improve your critical thinking skills.

Family drama 0:36
Footprints in the snow 3:26
A lonely man 4:21
License plate cypher 5:33
Powerful poison 8:03
Armed burglary 9:54
Homecoming 11:28

-Guess which of the family members was the murderer, and who was the victim?
-Help the police and tell them whom should they be looking for.
-Explain how did the police find out who was the killer.
-Name the killer using a cypher.
-Can you tell which of the 3 suspects killed Lisa?
-How did the detective guess that the real burglar was standing right in front of him?
-Guess why did Sally kill her best friend Carol.

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