5 Upcoming Cool Wallets in 2017

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Cool wallets make our lives easier. The small purse stores protect us from theft and are even beneficial to our health. Due to the minimal size the wallets fit into the front pocket – which gives us more control and security – and we no longer sit with a curved spine on the thick wallet in the pocket. Tracker your wallet with mobile phone using GPS.

The low weight, fast and easy access to our cards is a real time-saver in everyday life.

1. Ekster Wallet 2.0 https://goo.gl/6cp2gM
2. OGON Smart Wallet 3C https://goo.gl/pd3ylP
3. Wonder Wallet
4. Cashew Smart Wallet https://goo.gl/mYS9eX
5. Ravean Wallet https://goo.gl/mokKAU

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