5 reasons why EE’s new 20GB tariff should be your next SIM only deal

With flagship mobile phones usually costing in excess of £800 over the course of a two-year contract, it's obvious why there's been a recent surge in people looking for SIM only deals. Tariffs start at a tiny £3.99 per month, so shoving a new SIM card in your phone is a cost-effective way of prolonging your handset's lifespan.

EE SIM only deals aren't necessarily always the cheapest. In fact, they hardly ever are. But the network's latest 20GB SIM only plan isn't just good – it's 'tell your friends/family/neighbours/dog walker/the bloke sitting next to you on the bus' good.

And for when your friend, family member, neighbour, dog walker or fellow commuter asks why it's so good, we thought we'd equip you with five excellent reasons. So don't say we never give you anything…

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1. EE is the UK's fastest 4G network

Will you allow us just one cliched metaphor in this article? Okay, here goes: EE is the Usain Bolt of phone networks. It's the fastest UK 4G network by some distance – around 50% faster than the speeds offered by the likes of Three, Vodafone and O2.

So if you want the best chance of uninterrupted streaming, surfing, downloading and gaming when you're out and about, then EE has to be the horse to bet on. (Okay then, TWO cliched metaphors).

2. 20GB is a huuuuuuuge amount of data

If we were going to draw a Venn diagram (and God knows we're tempted) of people who want fast 4G and people who want big data plans, there would be a rather vast crossover. If you're somebody who regularly streams Netflix, or is constantly scrolling up and down social media feeds away from Wi-Fi, then you don't need us to tell you how quickly your allowance gets drained.

But 20GB a month is plenty of data for most average users. Even if you do use a lot of data while away from your home or workplace, there are so many data hotspots around these days in cafes, transport hubs and shopping centres that you'll really need to try quite hard to exceed your limit.

3. £21 a month is very competetive

Let's be honest. No matter how fast the 4G speeds are, if the price isn't right you're going to grab a SIM card from another network instead. But £21 from EE for all this data, plus unlimited calls and texts, is nothing short of excellent. Try comparing it to its nearest competitors:

  • Three's 30GB for £18pm – We reckon we know what you're thinking: "What the dickens! 10GB more data for £3 less a month. That's a much better deal!" And on the face of it, it's hard not to agree. But, as previously discussed, EE's 4G speeds are much faster than Three's and the numerical network limits you to only 600 minutes of talk time per month, so not great for chatterboxes. And then there's Three's lack of freebies (see point 4 below)…
  • Vodafone's 20GB for £22pm – Vodafone remains one of the UK's most popular phone networks, but EE has pipped it to the post on price this time. Vodafone's SIM only deal is made more tempting by the offer of £99 cashback. But it's a bit of a faff, requiring you to redeem it in five equal installments over the course of the 12-month contract.
  • GiffGaff's Unlimited data for £20pm – We can see why you'd be wowed by the sound of this tariff at first. But read the small print – once you've used the first 6GB of your data allowance each month, GiffGaff will turn off the 4G tap. After that, you'll be stuck with a reduced 256kbps between 8am and midnight for web surfing in sloooooow motion.

4. Free BT Sport and Apple Music

Oh yes… bring on the freebies! EE has an extra incentive in store for sport and music fans. Firstly, you get a three-month subscription to the BT Sport app, allowing you to watch all the action from the comfort of your own phone. Ideal considering the start of the football season is less than a month away.

In addition, there's six months of free membership to Apple Music to get your groove on. That gives you access to stream around 40 million songs. And from tomorrow, streaming from Apple music away from Wi-Fi won't eat into your data allowance.

5. If you're a student, you can get 20% off

Ah, those heady student days. We remember them well. Lectures, tutorials, study sessions and all-day library binges. Are we right? With all those books and stationery to buy, the student loan doesn't necessarily stretch that far. But at least you can save cash on your phone tariff.

Sign up for this (or any) EE SIM deal and you get a 20% discount, bringing the monthly payments down to just £16.80. That's a fantastic price for 20GB of data. In fact, make that 20.5GB, as EE also adds on a 500MB 'data safety net' for students. Getting the discount is a little convoluted, but well worth it considering the savings – claim your discount here.

Sound good? Then get this 20GB EE SIM deal for only £21 per month now. And if you're not yet ready for a new SIM then bookmark this page – this deal is available until August 29.

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