5 of the Most Innovative Brands for 2019

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What if the greatest inspiration for your business success was already here?

There are many innovative brands looking to shake things up in 2019. And by understanding their success, you can begin planning your own innovations.

Keep reading to discover the five most innovative brands for 2019!

1. Amazon

At this point, Amazon is an old pro in the game of building one’s brand. However, they haven’t stopped innovating since they first started.

In addition to being the most popular way to shop online, Amazon has successfully branded itself to multiple tiers of consumer lives.

Their customers now stream from Amazon Prime and listen to music via Amazon Music. The ultimate branding success: wherever you go, there Amazon is.

2. WeWork

WeWork is maybe the greatest example that a successful business doesn’t always have to sell products. Truly innovative businesses can sell ideas.

WeWork has spent most of the last decade providing a platform to help various entrepreneurs and freelancers collaborate on the next big thing. With their help, tomorrow’s innovations are starting today.

Ultimately, WeWork gets credit for predicting the future way back in 2010. In an increasingly online and collaborative world, the ones who make collaboration easy are kings.

3. Spotify

For many people, Spotify has become the primary way to listen to music. Forget radios, CDs, or MP3s–this is the future of music.

As a streaming music platform, Spotify has made it easy to access music from anywhere. You can play it on various phones and smart devices as well as video game systems like the Xbox One.

And as much as Spotify amplifies famous voices, they also help new voices to become famous. Simply put, it hasn’t been this easy to discover awesome new music since the early days of Napster.

4. Adidas

They say when you take a shot at the king, you better not miss. That seems to be the Adidas philosophy going into 2019.

Sales of Adidas shoes have skyrocketed in recent years while rival Nike’s sales have slowed down significantly. This has much to do with their marketing.

Adidas closed many brick and mortar stores to focus primarily on selling online. In this way, they have a ready market presence all around the world, and this move has paid off for the company again and again.

5. Symarco

When it comes to success, it’s always good to follow the money. That’s why we’ve been following Symarco payroll services.

This company helps other businesses out by helping those businesses outsource payroll. In this way, Symarco takes care of the most important company task: making sure everyone gets paid!

Their service is convenient in multiple ways. Basically, they provide as little or as much payroll help as a company needs, and prices are scaled based on the number of employees.

Any company that makes doing business less of a headache is one to watch for in 2019.

Innovative Brands: The Bottom Line

Now you know about the most innovative brands of 2019. But do you know how to keep your finger on the pulse of technology?

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