MacBook Tips and Tricks

5 MacBook Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know

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Apple’s MacBooks have hit astonishing sales records ever since the incorporation of the supercharged M1 CPU back in 2020. More people than ever are picking a shiny space grey MacBook as Apple’s techno-wizard overturn previous conceptions about what a laptop can do and how it can last doing it.

So if you’re one of the millions of people wielding a brand new MacBook computer or MacBook laptop, what are some need-to-know MacBook tips that will let you supercharge your workflow?

You came to the right place. Sit back and keep reading as we go through our top 5 favorite MacBook hacks!

1. Use Your iPad as an Extra Monitor

Need more screen real estate? Got an iPad lying around? Set it up next to your Mac and put it right into sidecar mode to use your handy-dandy tablet as a cool second monitor!

All you need to do is find ‘Sidecar’ in your ‘System Preferences’ menu and connect to your iPad, which should display as a connectable device.

2. Record Your Screen Using Built-in Tools

Want to make a tutorial? Show an elderly relative how to do something on their Mac? Record a sick play in a Mac-compatible video game? You don’t have to go rooting around for third party software to do it. Just hit CMD+Shift+5 to activate the Mac’s built-in screen recording panel and hit the road.

Even better, you can use the same tool to take screenshot on Mac.

3. Make the Most of Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the Mac’s best secret weapons. After indexing your machine, the Spotlight tool makes it super easy to find and access files and apps strewn all over your MacBook computer.

But it can do more.

For example, did you know you can use Spotlight to do math? There might not be a calculator app on the iPad yet, but there’s a hidden one lurking in your Spotlight bar. Just bring it up with CMD+Space and type in whatever sum you want to do!

4. Forget Left or Right, Swipe Up!

Got a whole host of apps and windows open? Is it a pain to navigate between them? Not any more.

Take three fingers and swipe upwards on the trackpad. That will give you an easily navigable exploded view of every app you have running.

Your workflow just got so much easier.

5. Kill Crashed Apps

Apple makes incredible tech, but sometimes stuff goes wrong. If an app you’re using starts to hang or crashes unexpectedly, hit CMD+Q to totally kill the process and let you get back on track as quick as possible.

MacBook Tips to Supercharge Your Computer

So there you have it, our top 5 favorite MacBook tips to radically alter how you approach your machine and the work you do on it. Put these to use and you could save hours on the work you do every day.

It just works, right?

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