5 Logical Riddles That Require All Your Imagination

They say that all geniuses are crazy, but not every crazy person is a genius. It sure takes a super bright mind to solve these 5 super hard logical riddles. The main thing here is to think outside the box and use all your imagination. Remember there can be more than one correct answer to some of the riddles, so if you think you know an alternative solution, make sure to share it in the comments section.

Music: Thunderstorm

The biting drug 0:36
Alternative division 2:22
A pathological liar 4:13
The watchmaker challenge 6:08
Mental hospital renovation 8:08

-Can you tell how many patients there were at the hospital, given that each of them had 2 bites, and the doctor was bitten 100 times?
-Martin and Peter both divided 10 into X independently from each other. Martin got 5, and Peter got 2 as a result. What is X in that case? Remember that you won’t find the correct answer using math here.
-How did the blacksmith manage to fulfill the multicolored chains task and get out of the mental hospital?
-Can you figure out how to arrange 9 pocket watches in 10 lines of 3?
-Guess what the patient said to the painter when he said he was holding on to the brush.

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