5 Logical Puzzles That’ll Take Time to Crack

Test your logical skills with these tricky brainteasers. Only the smartest people can solve these mind-blowing puzzles. These brainteasers would be easy and straightforward if it weren’t for all the conditions you have to take into account so that they don’t contradict each other. Are you ready for the challenge?

True colors 0:20
Magical land 1:43
A strict king and a clever merchant 3:03
Who’s the murderer 4:44
Which box is the toy car in? 6:42

-Can you figure out what color shirt each man is wearing?
-How many lions and sheep will you find when you come back if you leave the animals alone for some time?
-Figure out how did the merchant manage to escape without being killed by the sharpshooter.
-You have 20 seconds to solve the murder case.
-Find the toy car in one of the 3 boxes.

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