Benefits of Playing Video Games

5 Impressive Benefits of Playing Video Games

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Video games get a bad rap for being a mind-melting waste of time, but the truth is that there are several benefits to playing video games.

Sure, video game consumption should be monitored, especially for kids. However, with the right parameters, you can get the most out of video games without them becoming unhealthy for you or your children. Keep reading to learn about the potential video game benefits. 

1. Video Games Are Educational

Several types of video games are based on real historic events, or they incorporate maps and facts that are presented to kids in a fun way. In fact, incorporating video games into a child’s education is a great way for them to connect what they are learning about in school to their real life.

Some of the best historically accurate popular video games include Assassin’s Creed, Age of Empires, and The Oregon Trail. 

2. Playing Video Games Promotes Problem-Solving Skills

Video games are all about problem-solving. Whether you’re trying to get to a new level or want to take out your competition, you are always aiming for a goal when you play video games.

Building problem-solving skills is great for kids, but it can also benefit adults who play video games. Solving problems and puzzles increase cognitive function, which slows down the effects of aging.

3. Video Games Are a Social Experience

The old stereotype of video gamers being isolated in their mom’s basement is simply not true anymore. In fact, playing video games has become more social than ever.

Multi-player games allow gamers to connect with new people and make friends. Additionally, thanks to the popularity of streaming video games on sites like YouTube and Twitch, the video game community has never been more robust. 

One example of a multi-player game is Runescape. Players can even trade on the Runescape Marketplace:

4. Video Games Promote Quick Decision Making

Since video games require constant responses in order to uplevel, they can help people learn to make more confident decisions in real life. People who play video games are likely to be better at thinking on their feet and making quick decisions when needed. 

5. Video Games Provide Imaginative Play Opportunities

A healthy imagination is important for all young kids, tweens, and teens. However, as kids get older, they move away from playing make-believe. The best video games, such as those set in fantasy worlds, give older kids the chance to use their imagination again. Kids with a developed imagination are more curious, empathetic, and creative.

Final Thoughts On the Benefits of Video Games

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to playing video games. If you are a parent, you can help your kids get these benefits by choosing games that are historical, focus on problem-solving, and let their imaginations run free.

If you’re an adult, you can boost your cognitive function by playing video games with puzzles or memory challenges.

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